November 27, 2007


Berlin DE

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VLA says+21 Votes UP / DOWN
This might have been my favourite show this year (so far anyway).
The venue was cool, they sound system appeared okay (and it was LOUD!), the crowd ranged from 20 to 55 years and each and everyone of them seemed familiar with the songs, old and new alike, and was very much into BRMC.
And boy, was I in a good mood!
Mainline were a worthy support act; they rocked alright and the crowd jeered. Oh, and they switched instrumets during the gig, I thought that was funny.
BRMC entered the stage to thundering applause and played the usual suspects (that's no complaint), but also some songs I don't think I've heard them perform live before, like 'Weight of the world' and 'Head up High', which made me very happy. My personal highlights were 'Six Barrel Shotgun' - wicked version! - 'Mercy' and 'Heart & Soul'. Well, and Pete's accoustic songs of course. And American X I always love to hear. Yea, as I said: really good show.. ;-)


Weapon of choice
All you do is talk
666 Conducer
Ain't no easy way
- here something went wrong during the first verse and Peter stopped singing, but the crowd took over and the guys laughed and played on until Pete joined in again -
Spread your love
Red eyes
- flawless, most beautiful version I've ever heard -
Complicated situation
Fault line
- Robert said it was the first time they played it without a bass -
Weight of the world
Need some air
Head up high
American X
Six Barrel Shotgun
- woo hoo!! -
Punk song

Took out a loan
In like the rose
Heart & Soul

They switched light & music back on after that, which discouraged people from shouting for more. Pity, I was kinda hoping for 'Feel it now', the piano was right there.... oh well.
It was still perfect to me.
Thank you guys for a wonderful night.
I had a blast!
Posted Wednesday, November 28, 2007 am30 at 2:40am
Kruemel says+2 Votes UP / DOWN
I can only agree - it was a wonderful show!

A hind for those who lost the fun of rock music: ATTEND A BRMC CONCERT!!!
It is the best you can do!

It was wonderful that they played some songs from the second album and the best moment on that evening was as all sang AIN'T NO EASY WAY while Pete tried to get his guitar repaired!!!

I hope all had the same fun as I had!

See you on the next BRMC show in Berlin!!!

Posted Sunday, December 2, 2007 am31 at 3:29am
Joe_srmv says+2 Votes UP / DOWN
Agree, the greatest thing ive ever seen^^
you can hear some parts of the concert again in february on a radio show...

wrong date, but it must be this one...

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