November 28, 2007


Munich DE

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OpiumRebel says+30 Votes UP / DOWN
Blues, booze 'n rebels

This show was one of the highlights of 2007, a matchless performance. Originally set at the small "Elserhalle" but moved, due to public demand, to the grand "Elserhalle". Watching the concert, oh, how they deserve it. Though showing up a little late, we'll forgive 'em, they played every song a BRMC fan would want them to. I was at the 2005 concert, incredible night, but this one outshines the 2005 concert by far. Couldn't get the setlist, got one of Nicks drumsticks, fair bargain though. Come back to Munich, wish you a prosperous tour forget all the "artsy-fartsy" pseudo bands, you are the real deal. Thanks for your music.
Posted Wednesday, November 28, 2007 pm30 at 6:41pm
toronto1000 says+1 Votes UP / DOWN
Great show last night in Munich. I'd love to get a copy of their live version of 666 conducer - the guitars sounded incredible on that one. Too bad they didn't play one of my favourites this time, nor in '05 - "in like the rose".
Posted Thursday, November 29, 2007 am30 at 10:02am
VoodooChild says+39 Votes UP / DOWN
holy sh***!
this was the best gig of my life!!!!

09:15 pm: the gig began with a tremendous lights...and then the band came out.
The opener was "Berlin" and I couldnt sing along because I didnt realize what was going on, that they are really in front of me (I was in the first row, right in front of Rob).
I didnt know where to look first...I just started taking pictures...I finally got used to the fact that this was not a dream and when they played the third song, "Stop", I started singing and dancing pogo L.A.M.F.!!!

I was so blown away by their performance, the light show, Pete's and Rob's (bass) guitar skills and little drummer boy's power and the sweet sensation
I fell in love with some time ago :*)
There were these moments (All You Do Is Talk, Mercy, Spread Your Love, Rise or Fall, Heart + Soul), when it seemed like time would stand still and there's nothing else, just you and the music you feel and hear...

I recorded some parts of a couple of songs and I also recorded "Mercy" in full length...will put them soon up on youtube...
btw, if anyone recorded this show, I'd like to know...a bootleg would be a good memory :*)

I touched Rob's very beautifully-fucked-up-looking epiphone bass guitar like 20 times or so...and I touched his upper ankle, his forearm AND his ass twice!! I got proof!!! :D :D
but Rob was touched by so many people :D Pete seemed a bit shy ^_^

When Pete played Fault Line, a girl climbed up to the stage and I was thinking that she might be a member of the crew but she wasnt...she went to him, gave him a kiss on the cheek and stage-dived away :D
Pete seemed to be very pleased since he smiled :D
wheooow...that girl has got courage...but it wasnt that hard for her to climb up since there were no security guards...

btw, I liked nick's granny jumper a lot! ;P

the audience was great, we all went totally bananas when punk song was played and the last couple of songs were just ecstatic....
there was a lot of heat and sweat and I wasnt the only one who had multiple eargasms!

and just to round that perfect evening down, the dude from the crew with the cowboy hat and the black glasses gave the setlist (I think its Rob's) to me *sigh*

I'll never forget this night and I uploaded some pics (funny, cool and creepy ones)....

Posted Thursday, November 29, 2007 am30 at 10:21am
pinkpant says+5 Votes UP / DOWN
Hi there,

it was one of my top 3 gigs ever, absolutely worth a travel from Hungary. As a rock journalist, I might need the setlist to my article, can anyone put it on? Thx...
What a fantastic evening that was yesterday, I'm already in Budapest and still under the influence of the show. Congratulations guys, I guess you 're the far among the bests by now.
Respect and keep it real

Posted Thursday, November 29, 2007 am30 at 11:24am
hasi says+7 Votes UP / DOWN
It was my first BRMC-show and I will never forget this evening - travelling from vienna to munich for these great guys. So, here's my setlist (I've no original, but I think it's right!):


1. Berlin
2. Weapon Of Choice
3. Stop
4. Rise Or Fall
5. All You Do Is Talk
6. 666 Conducer
7. Love Burns
8. Ain't No Easy Way
9. Spread Your Love
10. Mercy (acoustic)
11. ??? (piano)
12. Fault Line (acoustic)
13. Devil's Waitin'
14. Promise
15. Need Some Air
16. As Sure As The Sun
17. American X
18. Whatever Happened To My Rock'n'Roll?

19. Took Out A Loan
20. The Show's About To Begin (I'm not sure...)
21. Six Barell Shotgun
22. Heart And Soul (slow-fade-in-Version -> Evol!)

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