July 23, 2010


Auckland NZ

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AUCKLAND - The Powerstation - Friday 23rd July 2010
War Machine
Mama Taught Me Better
Red Eyes And Tears
Beat The Devil's Tattoo
Love Burns
Ain't No Easy Way
Shade Of Blue
Bad Blood
Weapon Of Choice
Whatever Happened To My Rock 'n' Roll (Punk Song)
The Toll
Shuffle Your Feet
Conscience Killer
Six Barrel Shotgun
Spread Your Love
Shadow's Keeper
Open Invitation

Some key quotes/fun moments:
Robert: "Been in your town for a week now... learnin' all of your ways... all the strange things... its a small f**king town!". We couldn't believe it when he said Auckland was a small town - its the biggest city in NZ!!! Its so huge to us! There are so many people walking on the streets! We get overwhelmed and claustrophobic when we're there! If he thinks that Auckland is small, then we don't even want to know what LA is like! Yikes!
All of the band were smiling at each other at the end of "Spread Your Love" - it got one of the biggest applauses of the night - and they seemed genuinely thrilled. Robert also did an extra bit on the keyboard at the end of the song which was a lovely addition. He actually added a few extra keyboard parts to a few songs which was really nice.
After Peter finished "The Toll" to a loud applause, Peter made an "so-so" hand gesture, as if to say "it wasn't that great" - he's so humble and modest! It was beautiful! And we couldn't believe it when Peter started playing "Shade Of Blue" - thats our favourite BRMC song - it was spectacular! So crushingly beautiful! It was so overwhelming and emotional for us. We remember in one interview, back in 2003, Robert said that it was their masterpiece and we totally agree!!!
Robert: "We haven't played for about seven weeks... we thought we could slowly ease back into it... and then you guys came along". He's so lovely!
Before Robert began playing "Mercy", he asked the audience if he they had any requests - that got a huge response - with everyone yelling heaps of songs (including us asking for "Rifles" - which wasn't played that night but was played in Wellington and Christchurch!!!) - then he said "Ok, ok, I think you guys need to calm down a bit... just chill out, ok?"
At the end of the show, Robert said "Thank you guys so much, from in here" (gesturing towards his heart). We think they may have been shocked at the great response?
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