January 27, 2002


Glasgow UK

Red Eyes And Tears
Love Burns
White Palms
Spread Your Love
Whatever Happened To My Rock 'N' Roll (punk song)

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I was beyond elated when I discovered that BRMC had been selected as one of the bands on the NME Carling Tour and ecstatic when I found out they’d be playing in Glasgow, where I was studying. I didn’t know much about the other bands on the bill (The Coral, Lost Prophets, and Andrew WK), but BRMC was worth the price of admission alone.

As I was standing in line outside the doors waiting to get in, I could hear BRMC doing their sound check and I was getting more and more excited as each moment passed. When they finally let us in, we weren’t allowed into the actual room where the stage was, so we were forced to mill around. I managed to see Robert walking past, so I had a brief chat with him. He was surprised that I was American and at the show just to see BRMC. He ended up telling me that there was another 7� for sale (this time for Punk Song) to go along with the ones I had bought on their American tour in 2001. Apparently, one of the security guards didn’t know who he was and told him that he had to move along and get away from the venue doors. Thus ended our conversation.

I felt a little part of home watching their show. It just filled me with happiness. Throughout the show, I was excitedly pointing out their enviable musicianship to my friend that I had dragged along with me. To my amusement, my friend, who had been unimpressed with the album, was genuinely impressed after seeing them live and became a fan.

BRMC was the best band on the bill that night. By far. From what I heard, they didn’t seem to fit in with the other bands and I couldn’t even be bothered watching the rest of them. I went home after BRMC (who were second in line).
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