November 29, 2007


Zurich CH

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Bonoman666, fabiano83, fecalrebel07, finsti, gagarock, handsome_molly, insomnia, loverocknroll, nece69, PRonin, quatsch7, rien, starsail, WoHoOo, Zia

WoHoOo says0 Votes UP / DOWN
wicked show!!!
Posted Friday, November 30, 2007 am30 at 1:05am
gagarock says0 Votes UP / DOWN
Good gig last nite in zurich. I wasn't very enthusiastic to go to this gig because I saw the band a lots, and I saw them in london in april for the same tour. Anyway, the band played a really good gig, with songs from each album, the "howl" part was my favourite, with the howl session's song Feel It Now. But what a horrible sound at the beginning of the concert. Then, it was nearly ok, but never good : too loud. So, highlights of the show were the acoustic sessions, the new psyche version of 666 Conducer, 6 barrel shotgun and of course love burns...

Peace guys!
Posted Friday, November 30, 2007 am30 at 4:10am

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