May 21, 2010


Prague CZ

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annemarieanne, brmc_muennich, Dani, gojdo, Julia, mamuuut, Nenni, OKPC, Steph, sunerose, tramp

1. War Machine
2. Mama Taught Me Better
3. Red Eyes And Tears
4. Beat the Devil's Tattoo
5. Love Burns
6. Ain't No Easy Way
7. Aya
8. Berlin
9. Weapon of Choice
10. Annabel Lee
11. Bad Blood
12. Whatever Happened to My Rock 'n' Roll

13. Dirty Old Town
14. Half-State
15. Shuffle Your Feet
16. Conscience Killer
17. Six Barrel Shotgun
18. Spread Your Love

19. White Palms
20. Took Out A Loan
21. Shadow's Keeper
22. Open Invitation

They also played a bit of John Lennon's "I don't want to be a soldier", I think.

Great set, great crowd, great support band (Spindrift)...perfect evening.

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