January 09, 2008


Osaka JP

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It was the intimate show the venue was the smallest in this Japanese tour, capacity there is about 300.
While we were queuing to get in the hall underground they were still soundchecking, I could hear Peter's voice and guitar riff.
That aroused my excitement...Finally they are here in Japan since 2003!

As soon as the light in the hall were turned off the crowd pushed to the front.
In the smoke, they appeared.
The show started 'Berlin' and next 'Weapon Of Choice' and 'Stop', the crowd got so excited.

There're no words from them between songs.
Some fans yelled the band members names (typical in Japan...) and we Japanese are usually quiet between the songs - we call "a dead silence" - I felt that night was pretty quiet...so they looked a bit uncomfortable at the beginning.
They played songs one after another.

During '666 Conducer' Peter got down on his knees in front of the amp and played the guitar aggresively...sexy as hell! And next 'Red Eyes' too.
He greeted "Good Evening" in Japanese, looked a bit shy.

It was the first time in Japan for them to play a piano, a tronborne, some kind of instruments.
I'm sure they impressed on the crowd.
I found Nick did the chorus a few songs it was the new thing to me.

In the middle of the set Peter did acoustic solo 'Fault Line' and 'Devil's Waitin'' and next Robert did including a cover of The Stone Roses '(Song For My) Sugar Spun Sister'. I didn't recognize the song first...!

While he was playing 'Mercy' he requested to turn the light off as he felt burning on the stage and then he continued to play in the dark. I just listened to that beautiful song.

Peter and Nick came back on the stage and played a few more songs.

'American X' was the best highlight for me...watching Robert plays the guitar made me speechles...

I felt the crowd was getting louder in the encore and last 2 songs 'Spread Your Love' and 'Punk Song' got heat very much!
Robert was also on fire, playing the bass intimate to the crowd and turned his microphone to the crowd for singing along.

The ending was the very climax!

When they went off the stage Peter thanked the crowd and Robert smiled and said "Thank you very much, see you!" in Japanese.
(He spoke Japanese quite often that night.)

His smile showed their success of the first night in Japan in 4 years.

I was so excited all through the show...Awesome!

P.S. Sorry my poor English! Hope you enjoy it.;)


Weapon Of Choice
All You Do Is Talk
666 Conducer
Red Eyes And Tears
Ain't No Easy Way
Shuffle Your Feet
Fault Line (Peter solo)
Devil's Waitin' (Peter solo)
(Song For My) Sugar Spun Sister (The Stone Roses's cover) (Robert solo)
Mercy (Robert solo)
Love Burns
As Sure As The Sun
American X

Took Out A Loan
Killing The Light
Spread Your Love
Whatever Happened To My Rock 'N Roll (Punk Song)

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