April 13, 2008

State Theatre

State College PA US

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Gmann5003 says+10 Votes UP / DOWN
Just got back from the show. My first BRMC show. I sit her literally speechless, it was fantastic. The lights, the sound, the effort and energy. I came to the show a big BRMC fan, I left the show a HUGE BRMC fan. I don't know the exact setlist off my head but it was at least 2 hours of great playing. Hats off to the band, one of the best shows I have ever been to.
Posted Sunday, April 13, 2008 pm30 at 9:56pm
DrZappaman says+20 Votes UP / DOWN
This is my fifth show and musically this is best that I have seen them. The acoustics at the State Theater were excellent � much better than the other venues. The vocals were sharp, and the guys seemed energized. They played 25 songs (including some new material) and continued over 2 hours. A little different set list than they had been playing and there was no sign of Spike with this show (although one of the roadies played on Heart & Soul).

Likes of You
Spread Your Love
Killing the Light
Down Here
Aint No Easy Way
Weapons of Choice
In Like the Rose
Red Eyes
Restless Sinner
River Styx
American X
Six Barrel Shotgun
Punk Song
Steal a Ride
Took out a Loan
All You Do is Talk
Heart & Soul

Posted Monday, April 14, 2008 am30 at 9:34am
slaa says0 Votes UP / DOWN
took out a loan was not played.
Posted Monday, April 14, 2008 pm30 at 8:12pm
DrunknMunky2000 says+6 Votes UP / DOWN
my first ever brmc show. i kept running into ppl who were asking if i saw them before and had to keep saying no. almost all the ppl kept saying, "it will change your life" so when i took my seat,(which was a hell of a lot closer then i though, 4th row right infront of the piano) i started to think that this is gunna be something to remember.

the duke spirit were amazing, but they couldnt touch brmc. i took my friend who is just starting to get into playing music and wants to start a band with me, he turned and went "this is what i want to sound like" but the best part for me is when robert was plugging in his acoustic guitar and was saying sorry for taking so long for the band to start, and they intended to make up for it. i shouted out for him to play mercy and im pretty sure he said back "you got it" and went into it. i drove 3 1/2 hours to hear just 5 songs, and that was one of them so i def got my moneys worth.

def resotred my faith in rock and roll. ill go see them 20 more times if they come back around PA
Posted Tuesday, April 15, 2008 am30 at 8:44am
leecroft2001 says-13 Votes UP / DOWN
I don't normally leave bad reviews but at the expense of being a negative nancy... This was definitely not the best show. Maybe it�s because I have dozens of shows to compare it to. The first three songs were awesome but after about that third one, they kinda didn�t keep it together. There were some great moments, no doubt, but I�ve seen way better shows. I always love seeing the guys but I was a little let down by this show. This crowd was ok though, much better than at some other shows. I wonder if anyone else other than my date feels this way too?
Posted Tuesday, April 15, 2008 am30 at 8:45am
Cali says+6 Votes UP / DOWN
sorry if this is too long. i never seem to know where to start with these things. i have a million thoughts all trying to come out at the same time. it took less time than expected to reach the theatre than i originally thought. it only took about four hours to get there. to be a college town, the streets were very empty even for a sunday evening.

the venue was a nice place. i was worried about the whole seating thing, but that was not a problem at all. we were in the 1st row and very close to the stage. i've been close to the stage before, but there's usually some sort of barrier, not here. great spot for picture taking. i was right in front of rob but decided not to take any pics. it was one of those theatres where you have a good seat no matter where you sit. it was nice to see nick this time too. he's usually hidden by something.

duke spirit opened the show. they sound great and have a good stage presence. i think the lead singer was a bit surprised that there were seats and that we were soo close to the stage. unfortunately everyone was sitting down during their performance. not that people didnt enjoy it, but seats encourage people to sit during the opener. the singer thanked us for being nice to them, but I�m sure she would have preferred if people were standing. would recommend checking them out if you get the chance.

didnt think it was possible to like brmc more, but i do. they started about 45 min late but rob apologized for it and thank the crowd for being patient. they sounded great as usual. we were right next to the speakers so i didnt hear pete as clearly sometimes. i finally had the chance to hear visions and steal a ride in person and i have a new appreciation for awake and heart + soul but i�m still waiting to hear white palms. wic came out to play steal a ride. someone posted that he played on heart + soul, but i dont remember that, but maybe he did. it was good to finally get a whole, complete show�this totally made up for the fire marshall. At one point the head of rob�s base was about 4 inches from this girls face�she didnt even flinch�brave girl.

i thought the crowd was good. everyone on the floor was standing and enjoying themselves from my point of view. i didnt notice anyone talking during the slow songs, but the music was soo loud, i dont think i would have heard it anyway.

had a great time all around and it was well worth the trip.

Posted Tuesday, April 15, 2008 pm30 at 1:53pm
liberali says+14 Votes UP / DOWN
Been wondering, how would it be to see the (sort of) first show of a new tour? Would a bunch of college kids overflow the theater at the last minute? How do SEATS at a rock show work!? Will there really be no beer? (yup, no alcohol at this venue).

Honest answers: Same ol� BRMC format � they walk on stage and straight up play songs for over 2 � hours, minimal talk between songs, attention squarely on their instruments (cool variety served up by the crew as per usual) and their collective performance. One new song offered, �River Styx� (loved it), the rest of the set pulled fairly equally from their pleasingly large & varied back catalog. Like I said, same old wonderful fantastic soulful inspiring typical BRMC show.

No musical fumbles, but I noticed Peter kind of laughing as he gathered in Rob and Nick to kick off �In Like The Rose,� so that made me wonder if they were having a hard time getting the timing started correctly. The only real glitch I noticed was with Rob�s guitar bit in �American X� (darn, because I love that song). The guitar sounded all muffled, and Peter gave a curt nod of his head to a roadie -- clear communication to Get out there and fix it! (Apparently when Pete gives you �the look� you obey. Wish I could do that).

What was new to me: Backdrop was horizontal/vertical (old?), instead of skull & pistons encircled by name. Nick sang a lot of backup. LoTs & lOtS of STroBE LIghTs!.!. Live version of "Down Here" and "Steal a Ride" much better than recorded versions. Rob singing part of "Mercy" a capella (like he did with the Dylan cover last year; so beautiful).

Theater was mostly full, the town on a cold drizzly Sunday night was mostly empty. Nicely attentive crowd for the show. Seats: well, in a general admission show I�d never be in front � but with assigned seats, I was right smack dab in front of Rob. I could see his strings vibrate! Seeing the details helped me make the connections - so that�s what that instrument sounds like, and that�s what happens when he mashes that pedal ... totally amazing. (We NEED a DVD, guys!) One thing surprised me about being so close � my attention was so captured by Rob that looking back on it, I didn�t see enough of Nick or Pete (so must go see BRMC again!) Just wish I could convey how intense Rob looked at the end of the show, as the last notes of �Heart + Soul� sounded � he crouched down with his bass, knee on the floor, adjusting the (loop speed?) knob, and the notes looped faster .. faster .. eyes closed .. faster .. head bowed to knee � faster � faster � faster � hold � and enough. Open eyes, free self from bass and walk off. Roadie (Wic?) comes out and turns it off.

Fantastic show, guys. Thanks again.

Posted Wednesday, April 16, 2008 pm30 at 5:32pm
mojorisin9592 says+5 Votes UP / DOWN
Well I went to this show so psyhed. It was my first real concert and being that i'm only 15 the concert was amazing. My sister and I were front row and I was so close to pete.
I believe they did a hardcore job. I was very impressed. I think about everyone really enjoyed the show.
and The Duke Spirit were just wonderful, very good live!
Posted Saturday, April 19, 2008 am30 at 5:01am
Elise_E says+4 Votes UP / DOWN
This was my first BRMC show. I can honestly say that this is the best show I have ever been to out of every show I have ever been to. I drove four hours just to hear a couple of songs and they played those songs plus alot of my other favorites. The energy of the band was amazing! The show was incredible! I totally think that I underpaid to see this show! The set list was two hours long, probably the longest set I have ever seen. I am grateful that I had the chance to see this amazing band! I am not from PA, and was quite bummed when I saw that they originally weren't going to play here. But when they added the show I was totally jazzed! It made being here alot better for me! I will definitely try my best to be at every show that I can in the future!

The Duke Spirit was awesome. The female front had this incredible energy that made you feel the lyrics. They reminded me of My Bloody Valentine's grungy distorted sound. What a killer show! Of course they couldn't top BRMC, but the sound of the two bands made for a great show. They complimented each other very well.

Thanks BRMC for adding this show!! Your music has changed my life forever!
Posted Monday, April 28, 2008 am30 at 11:43am