November 08, 2016

Terminal 5

New York, NY US

Death From Above 1979, Deap Vally

Members at this show:

Daks, pjd1965, Jason.rk, SAMCRO, Anh, themadmodson, starsail,


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2 comments on “Terminal 5

  1. Daks on

    Absolutely incredible show. I will never forget it. There is something so much more real about seeing a band live, and then there is being able to literally reach out and touch someone that transcends that feeling entirely. I love everyone in the band but Robert really connects with fans by an indescribable measure when he literally comes down to our level to play. It reminds us of just how human even our heroes and heroines are.
    I’m grateful for the experience, especially on such an otherwise tense night.

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