November 11, 2016

The Fillmore

Washington, DC US

Death From Above 1979, Deap Vally

Beat the devil's tattoo
Ain't no easy way
Shuffle your feet
Hate the taste
MK Ultra
Bandung hum
Chelsea Hotel (Leonard Cohen Cover/acoustic)
In like the rose
Red eyes and tears
Six barrel shotgun
Spread your love
Whatever happened to my rock'n'roll

Members at this show:

SAMCRO, zitherglow, redsonia67, tmgeary, starsail,



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One comment on “The Fillmore

  1. SAMCRO on

    It’s just amazing to watch this band from night to night how they always give everything to sound as best as they can. It was my fourth show in a row on this tour and the band managed to get better from one place to another. Looking forward to the grand finale in Boston and one more happy memory to bring back home to Croatia.
    I hope that somehow this message would reach the band. I enjoy any song that you play but it would mean a world to me if you could squeeze White Palms on the setlist for Boston. Thanks for the Fillmores, Terminal 5 and The Paramount (btw. one of the weirdest shows). See you in Boston.

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