May 26, 2010


Aarhus DK

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amazing gig!!

1. war machine
(grinding and great. a slow burner- it´s easing people into it... ;))

2. mama taught me better

3. red eyes
(love. absolutely un-disposable. big compliments for the lights as well again. superb job!)

4. beat the devil's tattoo
(people love this, the room explodes with the second verse, when they fully dive into it... and the screams in the end... wow. dig the recklessness)

5. love burns
(as always, super popular ;))

6. ain't no easy way
(stORMer, pete and rob kept exchanging smiles)

7. aya
(heaviest version of all shows i´ve seen lately... totally floored me.)

8. berlin
(bounce-y, i think i see a crowdsurf attempt...)

9. weapon of choice
(heck yes. lovin´it. me and everyone. it´s a killer sequence)

10. annabel lee
(robert really digging into the piano... beautiful, louder and more intense, it´s great to have been there for more than one gig and see some of the songs´s evolution)

11. bad blood

12. whatever happened to my rock&roll
(oh HELLyes. loud, loud, long version, i love how they´re playing that these days, the crazy frantic end)
13. sympathetic noose
(bloody briliant)

14, half-state
(trippy. haunting and deep and big and just overwhelming.)

15. shuffle your feet
(haha, now there´s the back to earth song right there, the howl songs always go down well, there´s instant clapping along and a lot of cheers and peter´s all smiley about it. aww)

16. conscience killer
(just great. people go bonkers!)

17. six barrel shotgun
(my - this again works a treat, there´s just nothing better than that, excitement-wise. it´s always such a peak.)

18. spread your love
(well.... yeah. breaks the floor and tears off the roof. every. f*ckin. time. :D)
time for a short break and when they come back on, peter picks up the sunburst gibson and... i hear the familiar notes of...

19. white palms
(and i freak OUT !!! goddamn i love this. it just doesn´t get any better (live) i think. no matter how many more killer songs they´ll write)

20. took out a loan
(veery charged and mean version.)

after this, rob took the chance to ask people to say 'hi' to their homecoming girl leah, which was met with loud loud cheers and 'le ah le ah' chants and rhythmic claps, while both guys humbly stood aside and smiled. such a lovely moment. leah was glowing like the sweet little sunshine that she is. she SO deserves it too. i´ve been in awe with her drumming at all the gigs :) :) :)

21. shadow's keeper
(beautiful, extended as always. not sure for how long that white noise ending goes these days, but it´s easily twice as long as on the album. robert´s going absolutely berserrrrrk. ;))

22. open invitation
(lasers are in place, the room´s a bit to lit up for full effect though, too much light from the bars/candles/the corridors. but it´s still magical. robert was kneeling down at the end of shadow´s keeper and took his time for a good while with the bass intro -and i wish he´d drag it out even longer. i don´t want this night to end yet.
there´s their beautiful harmonising... sometimes i miss the *old*version a bit, but not tonight. it´s soothing and heartbreaking at the same time...

time to say farewell...

should be the about correct setlist, not 100% sure as always, but almost. it´s composed excellently.
such a great ride!
thanks for being awesome and for the tireless touring!

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