August 22, 2004

V Festival

Staffordshire UK

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Love_burns says0 Votes UP / DOWN
Now I am a massive fan of BRMC yet, through lack of funds and opportunity, have never actually seen them live...that is until i went to the V Festival in Chelmsford and made my way to the stage, sacrificing ribs and belongings in order to be at the front, listening to several bands before hand in order to reserve my place.
When they came on, me and my fellow friends could hardly contain our excitement, especially when Robert Turner came out into the crowd, right in front of where I was standing! However, just to put a (slight) dampner on things, when he was stood in front of me, a bodyguard with a serious B.O. problem and lack of fashion initiative (an orange hawaiian shirt), pushed me into his (not very fragrant) arm pit.
However the set was fantastic with amazing renditions of Stop, Love Burns, and of course, Whatever Happened to my Rock n Roll. As soon, however as Spread your love, came on, the crowd really got into it, especially the people behind me who insisted on pushing me into the barriers, but hey it was all worth it!
A fantastic set, and a fantastic part of a festival that I will certainly never forget!

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