January 11, 2008


Tokyo JP

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Sorry, it's gonna be a long one...! ;)

The venue was the biggest in this Japanese tour, we finally could see the BRMC skull backdrop on the stage.
Before the show I heard that night would be a long set. I hoped that.
When I saw the setlist on the stage I was sure that...and it was real.

Peter came out on the stage alone with the acoustic guitar started to play bottleneck slide the bluesy beautiful intro of 'Grind My Bones'...ahhh, I didn't expect the song live in this time, made me have a big smile!

Nick and Robert joined 'Devil's Waitin'' did the chorus quietly at the end and 'Shuffle Your Feet' everyone was clupping hands and dancing...the show started!

Peter and Robert greeted in Japanese, they looked at the crowd and smiled often tonight.
The crowd danced and sang, enjoyed as they like.

The order of the setlist was the similar to the Astro, after groovy '666 Conducer' they played 'Six Barrel Shotgun' first time in this tour.
The interlude of the song they played it a bit longer than the original with Robert's own lyrics and Peter's hot guitar and it burst to the end.
Next 'Red Eyes' Peter also played a longer intro...Each song was special tonight.

After Robert played Mercy, he said "I'm going to play special for you guys as it had been 4 years since last time we saw you here and also tonight was the last show over the tour, means a lot to us..." and then played 'I am the Resurrection'.
He went straight 'Sympathetic Noose', which was brilliant.

Peter and Nick came back on the stage. Peter was playing the base at the front left edge of the stage, quite impressed.

The ending of 'Took Out A Loan' Peter played the slide part longer, amazing.

Robert stopped playing in the intro of 'Punk Song'...(I'm not sure it was a mistake or joke)
He grinned and started it again the crowd got so excited, of course!
One guy did the crowd surfing first time in this 3 nights. Peter looked impressed and showed his big smile.
Robert also nealy jumped into the crowd with playing.

All the songs which they played in the encore, they didn't do last two nights so each song made me excited very much.
One of the crews played the bass 'Steal A Ride' with them. Before that, Robert thanked each crew for their big help on the tour.
The band enjoyed playing it very much and we were all dancing.

One of my favorite live songs 'White Palms', a longer ending with Rob's vocal.

'Salvation'...beautiful ever...almost had tears in my eyes! and then went straight 'Heart And Soul'.
They skipped a bit the middle part of the song, climaxed to the end...and continued...

Robert started singing quietly...went into his own world...endless...
Peter joinded in almost to the end but Nick stopped playing the drum.
Robert tried him to play but Nick didn't...so Robert played the cymbal with his microphone. (I guess)
Peter stopped playing the guitar and said Nick looked down and didn't want to play anymore...said 'Good Night' to us went off the stage.
Robert stayed there alone...threw in the crowd his microphone and left the stage quietly...leaving bass sound...

The show was over...
I was speechless for a while...remember every moment in 3 hours...incredible...everything is the highlight!

I'd like to say big thank you to Peter, Robert, Nick and the crew for coming back to here again and for making the amazing special night, much respect to all of you talented guys.

BRMC means a lot to me!

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