March 23, 2018

Enmore Theatre

Sydney Australia


little thing gone wild
beat the devil‘s tattoo
ain‘t no easy way
king of bones
conscience killer
question of faith
white palms
carried from the start
dirty old town
complicated situation
shuffle your feet
love burns
bandung hum
red eyes and tears
six barrel shotgun
spread your love

ninth configuration
whatever happened to my rock‘n roll

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One comment on “Enmore Theatre

  1. DaniDWycherley on

    I’ve recently watched Robert’s interview with Interactive Guitar and something he said really stuck with me: there are not many places these days where people are genuinely connected ; there’s “fake” connected (referring to social media), but live music has this power to bring a group of people together who, for those 2 hours, are connected in their love for music and feel they are part of something meaningful.
    I crave this connection as well, and living in a city like Sydney, where the rock and roll scene is not the most vibrant, I constantly feel like a fish out of water, as I have no one I can relate to. And this is why BRMC’s concert at the Enmore touched me so deeply. Not only BRMC has been the soundtrack of my life for the past 15 years, I truly felt like I was at home for those short 2 hours.I couldn’t help but feel really shitty the moment the lights were turned back on and all throughout the weekend I’ m experiencing this strange sense of loss.
    It really sucks that we only get to see bands that are, in a way, part of our daily lives, every 5 or so years. I do blame the distance, as Australia is as remote from the known world as you can get, but also I understand the financial implications of travelling this far to perform for a relatively small number of people, and I wish it was different, that more people were into the wonderful , magic, world of rock and roll and less into shitty, irrelevant and disposable pop music so that bands like BRMC would feel supported on this corner of the world and could come back more often, and not only when releasing a new album.
    Thanks for coming in the first place and for pouring your hearts out into everything you do. I think I speak for everyone who was at the Enmore that night, you left us with severe post concert depression and there’s no cure for it.

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